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Child & Teen Therapy 

It is a wonderful and often necessary tool to help your children build resilience and emotional intelligence.

Child & Teen Therapy can also serve as a preventative tool by helping your children develop adaptive coping methods, boost self-esteem, strengthen social skills, learn how they can change their thoughts, and adopt healthy habits.


They get overwhelmed, irritated, frustrated, jealous, scared, worried, embarrassed, excited, lonely, sad, and insecure. But they express their feelings in different ways.

We support parents and caregivers reach their goals for their children by using a combination of mindful-based and positive parenting approaches. This will help you learn to consciously connect and respond to your children while providing them the support and structure they need.

Some parents are reluctant to have their children enter therapy, since they do not understand how it works. 

That’s understandable, so let’s take a look at it…

First, parents meet alone with the therapist. During this session, the therapist will ask questions to gather background information, get a sense of what you would like to see your child gain from this process, and create treatment goals.

Likely the next session is where the child will meet the therapist (often alone) so that the therapist can begin the process of making sure your child feels safe, comforted, and validated online. This connection might happen right away, or it could take several sessions before your child can fully engage in the process. 

Your therapist will likely meet with you periodically to give you feedback about how these sessions are progressing and share with you tools you can use at home to support the progress

We will help you uncover your own parental wisdom and strengths while also teaching you new ways to relate, problem-solve, and handle conflict in a way that will boost your parenting confidence.

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