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There is Life Beyond this Feeling... 

Feeling stuck, hopeless and overwhelmed. 

You are struggling with a constant internal monologue that is exhausting.

You argue with yourself and reflect on your eating choices constantly.

You are Frustrated with Yourself and Keep
Running in the Same Circle...
  • Eating until uncomfortably full and feeling sick 

  • Restricting to make up for a binge later

  • Eating to cope with psychological stressors or emotional overload

Can you relate to any of these thoughts?
  • Am I going to keep gaining weight forever?

  • If I do gain weight, what happens if nobody likes me in my new body?

  • I can’t believe I just ate that!

  • How many calories were in that?

  • I am so hungry, but I can’t eat that!

  • I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do

  • Will this ever stop?

You know you want to get better, but you aren't sure how

It is well known that when someone has an eating disorder, their body is severely affected.


However, many people don’t understand that a huge part of eating disorders is the negative effect it has on the brain!

Eating disorders begin in the brain, and can further cause anxious and depressive thoughts.

Transformation is Possible
It's Time to Reach Out for Help 

Binge eating is something you absolutely can recover from, but it is not easy to do on your own. Transformation and recovery is possible when working with a trained therapist from our team.

End the binge eating cycle and get to know yourself again. If you’re ready to experience change, then we're ready to help you on your path. 

We know it can feel difficult to reach out. This is a major step towards the life you really want to be living and we're looking forward to helping you make it happen. 

Imagine a life without the distraction of food and your body.
Working with our team will allow life to open up to you.

Creativity, passion, flexibility and purpose will come back into your life as a part of healing.


Discover your authentic self and discover an identity outside of food and body image.

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