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Achievement is your Obligation and Commitment

You have high standards.


You have accomplished a lot in your life because of your relentless attitude and devotion to achieving.

But perhaps lately you have been anxiously putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Have You Been Honest with Yourself About Your Own Standards?

There is no shame in having high standards, but you might be wondering if your desire to be successful has become an issue in creating happiness.

You are constantly worried about achieving the "next best thing".

You are obsessed with success and finding it difficult to manage it all.

Are Your Own Personal Standards Getting in the Way of Your Personal, Professional or Social Relationships?

Recognizing these personal tendencies and how they may impact your daily routines will help to better understand how you can reduce the personal pressure you place on yourself.

It is hard to be vulnerable about what's not working, when from the outside it looks like you're doing just fine.

It is exhausting to experience the constant thoughts of perfectionism, and it is limiting you from taking risks and action.
You are striving for some level of balance in order to make it all work.

Perfectionism and anxiety are normal experiences, but when they begin to interfere with your normal daily functioning, it may be time to seek help.

If Any of the Following Are Interfering with Your Daily Life, It May Be Time to Reach Out For Help:
  • Excessive fear of failing

  • Negative thoughts about yourself 

  • Anxiety about the future and your performance 

  • Ongoing stress

  • Intrusive thoughts about failing or not being good enough 

  • Avoiding situations that you think you won’t be your best

  • Constantly needing to be in control

It Is Possible to Find Balance and Still Remain High Achieving!

Success is no different than any other skill. It can be trained, and it can be mastered.


There is a way to have it all.

Stop casually waiting for happiness and instead start to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Many high achieving people don’t reach out for help as much as they should.

Our therapists provide high performance coaching and support that can help you to build the life you have always dreamed of.

What You Have Done Is Nothing Compared to What You Can Do
You Don’t Have To Do This All By Yourself

When you work with a therapist, you won’t hold anything back. It will be hands-on and high impact. We are on a mission to make you successful. We want you to live a life where you are wildly successful.

If you take this seriously and put in the work, it will change your life. 

If you are experiencing emotions that are impacting your daily routines, working with a therapist on your anxiety and perfectionism can be extremely helpful.


Working together can help you to identify your thoughts and behaviours and take actionable steps towards finding a solution.

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