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Are your services offered only online?

How many sessions will I need?

Do you take insurance and what are your fees?

Yes! We specialize in online counselling and psychotherapy services. Online counselling has some great benefits over traditional in-person counselling. It is just as effective as face-to-face service and nothing beats the comfort and convenience!

Each session is 50-60 minutes in length. 

With counselling and psychotherapy services, most people find that between 8-12 sessions work well for them. 

Clients may also benefit from short term work, and find that between 3-4 sessions can work well in order to address their concerns.


With that being said, everyone is different and some may require a longer term commitment. Most clients find it beneficial to work throughout the year in order to provide consistent support.

The fee per session ranges depending on the treatment plan needed, as well as your therapist. The average cost is between $125 - $175 , but please contact us for more specific details.

Payment is made on the day of the appointment and you will be provided with a receipt for service that you can send to your insurance company.

Many employee health benefit plans will cover the cost of psychotherapy and counselling services. We are more than happy to provide you with any other documents required for your insurance company to reimburse the cost of therapy.

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