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Imagine a Life Where You Can:

  • Walk by a mirror without staring at your body.

  • Go out for lunch without the fear of overeating. 

  • Get dressed without spending an hour criticizing your body. 

  • Trust yourself to know exactly what your body wants and make it feel amazing. 

  • Stop allowing a number on a scale to define your worth. 

  • Randomly go out for ice cream with friends. 

  • Feel at peace with your food, your body, and yourself.

This absolutely CAN be your reality!

Our therapists will help you break free from your constant thoughts about food, eating, exercise your body and your performance. We will guide you with evidence-based strategies to lower your anxiety and support you as you make new choices allowing for flexibility.

We use effective, structured treatments, but also allow for flexibility and individuality depending on your needs. We know that change can be difficult, but it is also very needed and necessary for you to live your best life. We want to help you find a balanced perspective and response to your eating disorder because we know that this will help you spend more time with the more important things in your life


You Will Benefit From Therapy If You:

  • want to stop overeating and/or binging

  • want to stop obsessing or fearing your favourite foods 

  • want to enjoy food and never feel guilty about it again

  • want to achieve sustainable health and learn how to eat nutritiously 

  • want to feel at peace with food and your body

  • want to live life FULLY in health and happiness

One day your disordered and restrictive eating patterns will get quieter and your life will get brighter.  You will be able to exercise for enjoyment, rather than burning off the food you ate

You will eat a meal without second thought or worry. You will have room in your head to think about life’s adventures instead of being consumed by food and your body.

Life will be fulfilling, you will be happy and feel free!

Seeking help is hard, but living life stuck in your own head is harder. Reach out today to book an appointment and start taking action towards living the life you know you are deserving of! 

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