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Are you stuck on how to improve your body image?

How you perceive yourself has a massive impact on all areas of your life. Having poor body image and self esteem can limit your interaction with others, make you second guess the way you dress and present yourself, and even go as far as limiting the kind of jobs or career you feel like you are qualified for.

Due to a distorted sense of body image,
you may be thinking that you need to:
  • Hide your body with baggy clothes 

  • Excessively exercise to control your weight and your body shape

  • Spend time looking at yourself in the mirror to see if you have lost or gained weight

  • Criticize yourself for not being good enough

  • Hide yourself under towels at the beach, pillows on the couch or blankets in your bedroom

We consciously and unconsciously compare ourselves to the “perfect” images of people we see on TV, instagram and movies. You already know that the media shows unrealistic images, but you can’t help but compare yourself to an impossible standard. This only serves to continue the negative perception of body types and images.

Overcoming a negative self perception and poor body image can seem like a daunting and impossible task. But unfortunately, being overly critical of oneself over long periods of time can lead to deeply ingrained thoughts, behaviours and actions that can be very difficult to let go of.

Imagine a world where instead of obsessing about the things you hate about yourselves, you were obsessed with the things you love about yourself!

Some days are tougher than others. Our therapists recognize this and will help you with tips for accepting your body as is.

Don’t let your mind bully your body!

With practice and support, you can replace negative thinking patterns with a new perspective. Working with a therapist will help you take back your thoughts. Therapy will help you learn to incorporate more positive and balanced thought patterns to break through the negative self talk and get back to enjoying your life in the present.

Change is Possible

If you’re ready to experience change, and finally live a life without constantly overthinking your appearance, then we're ready to help you on your path. 

We know it can feel difficult to reach out.


This is a major step towards the life you really want to be living and we're looking forward to helping you make it happen. 

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