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You Need a Clear Focus

As an athlete, you know that in order to perform your best, you need to be in good physical and mental shape.


In every aspect of your training and competition you need the ability to have clear focus.

Being a Successful Athlete Comes with a lot of Pressure
  • You know you are capable of more

  • Your confidence is shaken under pressure

  • You feel like you have standards and a reputation to live up to

  • Emotion takes over you in heat of competition and causes you to make errors

Athletes and high performers dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, perfectionism, ADHD and conflicts can benefit from working with a member of our team who has expertise in sport and high performance. 


We also provide counselling for sport and performance-related issues, including issues such as stress management, identity and career transition challenges, injuries, concussions, and burnout.

You Were Made for this, but Need Help Putting it all Together
  • You have a lot of pressure and demand on you right now.

  • You know that you are a high performer.

  • You know that you need to continue putting in the work in order to get the reward.

  • You know that you are feeling the stress and holding it all.

It can be the small things that give you the biggest advantage
  • Imagine playing to your fullest potential.

  • Mastering powerful visualization techniques

  • Boosting your performance in high pressure situations

  • Playing at your optimal level and taking control

    We help train you to reach your full potential.

Working Together Can Take You the Next Level

Working with a therapist can help you understand the pressure and demands of your high performance context.


You will work with a therapist to set goals together and develop greater awareness of your thoughts and behaviours.

What You Have Done is Nothing Compared to What You Can Do

When you work with a therapist, you won’t hold anything back. It will be hands-on and high impact. We are on a mission to make you successful.


We want you to live a life where you are wildly successful.

If you take this seriously and put in the work, it will change your life.


Ready to start? 

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